Idhu Namma Avadi is a social enterprise – formed by group of volunteers with an objective to inspire every person in Avadi to be socially responsible. We work in 5 domains; like Education, Environment, Health, Women Empowerment and Sports. Our vision is to create a sustainable change in our neighborhood.


    • Environment – Safe Living
    • Women Empowerment – For Poor People
    • Health – Better Living Standards
    • Education – Education for All
    • Sports – Balanced life

Our Projects

Women Empowerment

Clean Avadi


Avadi Pai

Green Avadi


Idhu Namma Avadi (INA) was launched on 15th August 2019. The volunteers of INA staged a street play on “Save Water” and “Rain Water Harvesting” at 7 schools in Avadi and 3 public places viz., Avadi Bustand, Avadi Station and Avadi Market. The INA has scheduled different campaigns for the year.

Welcome to Idhu Namma Avadi
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The Tagline of the Trust is “My Place – My Pride”. Being Avadi-centric Trust, this motto clearly amplifies and rejuvenates the Trust and its members to take pride in the welfare of Avadi and its people as it resolves to serve this community to best of its abilities.
Our core objective is
  1. To create awareness and add value on health & hygiene, Road safety, better Environment, Education, Child safety & protection, Women empowerment and Sports for balanced life.
  2. To create sustainable model of change of attitude towards well being and neighbourhood.
  3. To provide service to others to promote ethical standards among every individual in Avadi.
  4. To have good will and peace through fellowship of business, professionals and community.
  5. To respect the law of the land and stand accountable.
  6. To foster unity among every individual in Avadi.

Idhu Namma Avadi activities are around the world, lets contribute.

Idhu Namma Avadi touching lives in Avadi, lets contribute.

Idhu Namma Avadi aims to set up a model city/platform to inspire the neighbourhood.

Touching self and neighbourhood in a more effective and efficient way to bring out the best outcome would make sense to realise that this model could be spread over any other place or city.

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Our Events


Clean Avadi 2020 – a project initiated by Idhu Namma

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Nazareth Walkathon 2020 – an initiative of Nazareth College of

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663 million people drink dirty water. Learn how access to

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663 million people drink dirty water. Learn how access to

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Our INA has been present for 10 years:

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

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Trusted by the biggest brand.

Idhu Namma Avadi looks for corporates that would support any social change in the neighbhourhood. We have been identified by few technology companies / institutions to work for them. All our projects would be of sustainable model.

What Our Volunteers Say

I find my -self fortunate enough to be associated with this noble cause. Visiting them was a warming feeling. It gave a sense of satisfaction that I am a part of this mission education. Seeing those sparking eyes filled with hopes actually made me emotional. I wish to be a part of such memorable visits and to extend my support

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