Lockdown not to breakdown, but break free…

Lockdown not to breakdown, but break free…

Lockdown not to breakdown, but break free…

The COVID-19 has brought all of us to think differently. It has brought the more that 13 countries to a standstill. For a second, the things around the world might look scary for those who had been having a fast life, mechanical and following a daily routine in their work. The people had failed to realize that there is life beyond their work. The Indian Prime Minister had made a strong note to the whole nation on 21 days lockdown. The objective of this lockdown is to fight against the virus. But I guess this lockdown is to bring balance of nature into existence. We had been using nature too much that we have not given space for the nature to co-exist with us. We have occupied more space, polluting the space, cutting down the trees, dumping the waste. I believe COVID-19 has pushed us to think, focus and act.

This 21DaysLockdown has brought each of us to go for a different 21DaysChallenge. Things that you can do;

  1. Challenge yourself to Stay Calm
  2. Challenge yourself for Stay Fit
  3. Challenge yourself to Learn new skill
  4. Challenge yourself to Learn a new language
  5. Challenge yourself to Find 21 things you appreciate in life
  6. Challenge yourself to Read
  7. Challenge yourself to Write
  8. Challenge yourself to Get close to your family
  9. Challenge yourself to Treat your spouse better
  10. Challenge yourself to Discipline yourself
  11. Challenge yourself to Practice healthy eating habits
  12. Challenge yourself to Appreciate the Nature and its influence
  13. Challenge yourself to Understand you, your strengths, talents and appreciate.
    …. Much more

The nature has used this time to push the human back and take its existence. The rivers have become less polluted; the fish and other living organism could have beautiful play time. The beaches are empty. The dolphins can visit the shore. The quality of air has become better as emission of CO2 and other toxic gases have been reduced. The trees have not been cut which had provided more green cover to the mother earth. The garbage collection has come down. The birds are singing beautiful songs of fearless boldness. The families are lockdown; spouses understand each other, help each other. The quality of life has increased. All that we needed was this Lockdown to bring our nature into co-existence with human.

Henry Maris | Volunteer, Idhu Namma Avadi

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