Voting Rights in India

With elections underway in Tamil Nadu, all Indian citizens who are eligible to vote are given a chance to exercise their franchise and participate in the electoral process. The Indian Constitution has granted the right to vote to all Indian citizens of sound mind above the age of 18, irrespective of an individual’s caste, religion, social or economic status. This right is universally granted to all Indians, with a few exceptions.
As a voter, you are entitled to certain rights and privileges as laid down by the Constitution, which safeguards the rights of the voter. It also lays down the conditions under which this privilege is granted to citizens. Voting is not a fundamental right, but is a legal right granted to citizens.

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Who Can Vote?

As per the Indian Constitution, all Indian citizens above the age of 18 years who have registered themselves as voters are eligible to vote. These individuals can vote in national, state, district as well as local government body elections.

No individual can be detained or prevented from voting, unless they fulfil the criteria for disqualification.

Every voter is allowed one vote only. A voter can vote at the constituency where he has registered himself only.
Eligible voters have to register themselves in the constituency where they live, upon which they will be issued photo election identity cards. Individuals are not permitted to participate in the electoral process if they have not registered or do not possess a voter ID card.


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